Thursday, 29 August 2013

20mm First World War British (Part 1)

These are my 20mm plastic WW1 Western Front British troops. Being a bit sad I also have WW1 stuff in 15mm and 6mm, so at some point I'll take some photos of those.

Various stands lined up, a 1918 brigade in Great War Spearhead terms.

Infantry stands. These are all Emhar, they look a bit rough close up but take an inkwash nicely.

Support elements, Vickers guns and Stokes mortars plus the inevitable officer looking one way and pointing another.

A field artillery regiment, Emhar 18pdrs.

The guns from the side.

These have been a very serviceable army and have seen a fair bit of action over the years, generally being forced over the top time and again as I try out various permutations of high intensity trench warfare rules. The figures are painted with Humbrol khaki over a black undercoat, the webbing picked out in GW 'bestial brown' and the whole thing washed in Windsor & Newton peat brown ink.


  1. Excellent work, they look really good. I'd like to see your 15mm WW1 figures.

  2. Thank you. I'll photography the 15s at some point, it is just a matter of getting around to it. Some of them are in my posts on Ten Rounds Rapid though.