Saturday, 31 August 2013

20mm WW2, 1st Infantry Division

My Airfix conversions and WW1 20mm stuff seem to be quite popular, so I thought it was time to meet some more of my 20mm WW2 stuff. These are generally organised as divisions for Megablitz these days, and I chose Tunisia/Italy as an interesting theatre with an eclectic mix of stuff although for games they have usually stood in for some other unit in NWE instead.

My first ever Megablitz division was 1st Infantry Division, which dates from the late 1990s. My only original 1970s Airfix element in this unit is anti-tank regiment, the rest was bought new (or second hand). The division is organised as it was for Operation Torch, including a whole brigade of Guardsmen (24th Guards Brigade).

1st ID in its storage box.

Three infantry brigades, each of three battalions. Originally I bought metal FAA figures for these but they were too nice to use so I got some plastic figures instead!

The infantry with their brigade transpart columns.

The transports are resin models from Frontline. Cheap and easy to build.

The recce regiment, two Matchbox Humbers and a White Scout Car.

The Scout Car is also resin, acquired second hand I suspect it is Frontline but I am not sure.

Divisional Field Artillery, being a cheapskate I only bought two regiments.

Venerable Airifx 25pdrs but with FAA gunners.

MG battalion and AT Regiment. The 6pdr and carrier date from the 1970s, and I seem to have mislaid the carrier for the MG battalion.

AA Regiment. Airifx Bofors and Morris tractor. I have a few boxes of these unbuilt but have yet to summon the energy to build another one.

Div HQ and staff. Resin staff car and utility vehicle

Div staff also has this rather magnificent piper, maybe from the ESCI 8th Army set?

Divisional logistic element (along with the brigade transports), a second hand Airfix Matador.

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