Thursday, 22 August 2013

Airfix conversions: artillery Sdkfz 7

This is another ancient Airfix conversion gleaned from the pages of Airfix magazine. A simple conversion of the Sdkfz 7 into one adapted for artillery command. Basically it just has a big box on the back for all the various bits including the battery commanders Schnapps. My 'Battle' Germans used to ride around in a trio of Airfix Sdkfz 7s, and this was the fate of one of them.

A fairly simple conversion, but I added a couple of step rails from plastic rod.

It is just a big box on the back, replacing the existing halftrack rear.

This vehicle is currently serving in the artillery regiment of 26th Panzer Div.


  1. Lovely! I (predictably) have two of these. I didn't build either of 'em....

    1. Dear Tim,

      I'm sure that at least one of them was Built by Chris Willey, or a mate of his.

      Regards, Chris.

  2. Thank you. I think it looks a bit high mileage myself, but as it is getting on for 40 years old, it isn't doing too badly.

    None of my old Airfix stuff seems to suffer from the mysterious 'track rot' other people have complained of. Maybe it depends how they are stored.

  3. Excellent
    This 14 had talent ;)
    And you know what it looks like you did a bit of research here ;)