Wednesday 23 October 2013

Airfix conversions: AA Crusader

We've not had a conversion for a while, so here is another old clunker from the 1970s. This a Crusader 20mm AA built on the Airfix Crusader chassis. The main item being the scratchbuilt turret as well as the hacked around mudguards etc.

Here it is in its Crusadery splendour. The turret was quite hard to do, hence the rather wobbly bits. I imagine someone makes a conversion kit these days.

The gun barrels aren't even level. Oh dear.

I do like the sleek lines of the Airfix Crusader, even if the hull is too long and narrow. Some imaginative stowage on the engine deck, I'm not sure how that shovel stays there nor how it avoids catching fire as it is a bit close to the exhaust!

This particular example is serving as the AA Regiment in 6th Armoured Div.

So there we have it another blast from the past. Again, this was repainted a decade or so ago, this time in a mid-war SCC2 and mid green disruptive scheme and added to my rather ramshackle 6th Armoured Div for use in Tunisia and Italy.

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