Sunday, 20 October 2013

Czarnovo 1806

Tim put this game on at the club a couple of weeks ago, 15mm Napoleonic Command & Colours and the first  outing for his 15mm Russians. Not a battle I'd ever heard of, but you could tell Russians were involved by the quantity of fieldworks. Me, Mark and Kayte took the Frenchies, while  Tim and John were the heroic defenders of the Motherland. Once again the French had to attack over a river and up some hills, but at least this time the river wasn't right in front of the hills.

The Russian centre viewed from the French right. Redoubts everywhere.

French right, Morands Division. Light infantry supported by cavalry leading.

The French left, my chaps, inevitably on the wrong side of a river.

View from behind the Russian grand redoubt. Pavlov Grenadiers visibsle in their pointy hats.

French left again.

French centre, the big hill in front covered in dug in Russians was our first objective.

The French right pushes forward. We had a big command advantage in this, which gave as an edge over the clumsy Russians.

Pincer attack on the Russian centre, my chaps and Marks managed to get a regiment onto the hill at some cost.

Marks assault against the one surviving Russian stand in the redoubt fails (swords don't work against redoubts).

OTOH a lucky long range shot fells a Russian divisional commander (double swords to hit leaders)

Marks chaps conduct an amazing bayonet charge off the hill and completely wipe out one Russian regiment, securing us enough victory points for the win.

Things looked decidedly dodgy for the French for a while as although we took the first hill, the cost was very high. The poor old Russians were then robbed by a run of decent follow up French attacks which knocked off three Russian units in quick succession so this ended very quickly. CnC games usually last a bit longer than this, but it was just a combination of the cards and how the battles went, both sides were perhaps guilty of just throwing their stuff in without a coherent plan and hoping for the best, but that is just how it works out sometimes.

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