Sunday, 13 October 2013

Friendly Fire

This was a game put on by Tim a few weeks ago. For no apparent reason, our erstwhile allies and ideological comrades, Svenhasselstein conducted a raid on peace loving Vulgaria and made off with the only motor vehicle in the entire country. Time to teach our pointy headed neighbours a lesson.

The table from Svenhasslestein. The river marks the border.

The Vulgarian army assembles, a brigade each of infantry and cavalry (at half scale for a tabletop game).

Svenhasselstein forces climb out of their boxes.

The enemy column enters the table.

British observer.

Detached Vulgarian forces move to cut the road.

Vulgarian infantry and guns under Johns supervision move to cut off the enemy retreat.

The defenceless column approaches as our troops move to intercept.

While the bridge is firmly brought under fire.

Oh dear, enemy infantry and cavalry appear.

One lot appear right behind the heroic Vulgarians. What a shabby trick!

Fortunately our brave cavalry ride to the rescue on the other flank.

And also turn up to help our infantry.

Leaving the field littered with enemy corpses.

The cavalry screen the flank of the  surviving infantry

On the other flank the cavalry ride off to sieze the car

A stray shell lands right behind the enemy staff car, which certainly reduced the number of wounded to evacate.

Confused melee on the approaches to the bridge

Just a few survivors as more of our troops cross the bridge

On the other side of the river one lonely gunner survives the enemy counterbattery fire

Events ended with the Svenhasselstein survivors being escorted back over the border by the remaining Vulgarians. The Vulgarian High Command is still slightly baffled as to why Svenhasselstein should have risked all out war with Vulgaria for no apparent reason at all, and the engagement proved hideously costly for both sides. The Vulgarian losses were mainly infantrymen however, and there are plenty more where they came from.


  1. ...No doubt the reasons for this incursion will become apparent when some sort of ratification of border treaties is submitted with some scandalous new clauses regarding importation taxes!

    Though the incident is rather worrying, particularly for small undefended nations like Molatero. Both sides can be sure of hearing from our respective ambassadors in the near future! :)

  2. Undefended? We don't understandthat concept in Vulgaria as other poeople have been invading us for centuries. Sounds like Molatero could do with a defensive alliance. We could guarantee your security, do you have anything interesting to trade for it? We like beer in Vulgaria, and sausages.