Saturday, 2 April 2016

Triples 2016

Triples has come around once more, albeit with a return to its earlier March date. I went along to help with the setup, and to run the Wargames Developments Display Team (north) game.

The usual mass of punters chatting and shopping. The large hall gives plenty of space to move around anyway.

Setting up on Friday. This such an easy venue to set up compared to the Octagon. No more lugging piles of tables up tiny lifts.

The game in full flow. This years game was Cursus Honorum, a role playing game of politics in the Roman Republic (and reported earlier on this blog).

John resplendant in his wreath.

Overall the Saturday was a reasonable effort, we had a good number of takers to play the game and I managed to pick up most of the stuff on my shopping list including some amazing bargains from the Bring and Buy and a (very) heavily discounted PSC US Tank Company box which saved me about 40 quid.

Overall the show seemed quieter than previous years, and some regular traders were missing. Although March used to be the traditional month for Triples, moving back to it from May seems to have caught some people unawares and there are also three other shows in March. I gather Sunday was even quieter (I didn't attend as I was running), so perhaps a bit of thinking to do for the future.

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