Saturday, 30 April 2016

German armoured cars 3 - BF Sdkfz 231

Say what you like about Battlefront (and I often say a fair bit, especially when looking at the price tag or trying to stick them together) some of their models are really nice, and this Sdkfz 231 is one of them. I wanted something for the heavy platoon of my early war armoured car company, and this just the ticket. I was particularly pleased to pick this up cheap from Caliver, rather than paying the usual eye watering BF price.

A lovely crisp model which sits really well and has lots of sharp edges and raised detail. The commander is supplied with a moulded on open hatch (or there is a closed hatch too).

The wheel assemblies are separate castings, as is the gun/MG assembly for the front of the turret. I had to trim the latter down to make it fit but the wheels went on without any problems. As usual I had to hold everything together with blu tak while the superglue dried.

Rear view, the hatch details is very nice. The model was suplied with the wierd snow plough thing to go on the front, but I couldn't see any human way to fix it without pinning, so I didn't bother to put it on. There are plenty of photos showing them without.

It pretty much painted itself, just a heavy drybrush of panzer grey and a light overall dust finish. I went for fairly minimal markings, but added some numbers so it could stand in as a command vehicle. I'd originally planned to put them on the turret, but I didn't fancy putting them on over the vision ports. At some point I'll do the numberplate, but that is good enough for now.

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