Saturday, 9 April 2016

A trip to the British Museum

I recently had a trip to London, and in between appointments, managed to squeeze in a couple of hours in the British Museum. I headed for the Roman, Greek and Medieval galleries, and I'd forgotten quite how amazing a lot of the exhibits really are. I've also managed to forget who some of the assembled Roman nobility below are, but hey ho.

This is a magnificent bust of Augustus (I think!).

Livia and Tiberius. She looks much more like her incarnation in the more recent 'Rome' TV series here than the interpretation in I, Claudius.

Marcus Aurelius. Who doesn't look anything like Richard Harris in 'Gladiator' at all. Love the thick curly hair and beard. He'd be very at home in Hoxton.

Medieval tablets telling the story of Tristran and Isolde.

St George, Hurrah!

The Sutton Hoo trove. Just amazing.

Sadly my rather dodgy photos don't do the exhibitions justice, but I was very glad I'd decided to go to the British Museum, rather than hauling down to Lambeth to look at the revamped Imperial War Museum. Save that for another day.

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