Saturday, 23 April 2016

German armoured cars 2 - QRF Sdkfz 222

As we are doing armoured cars (see last week), these are my venerable QRF 15mm Sdkfz 222s. Purchased some considerable time ago.

I got two. Well you have to really don't you.

These are decent castings, albeit perhaps a bit dated now. Not sure if the moulds for these have been redone. You just need to stick the wheels on and job done.

These versions have the wierd trangular hubcap things moulded on.

Lots of angular surfaces pick up the drybrushing well.

So there you have it, nothing spectacular but good solid models and I've actually used these two a fair bit over the years. I just did them plain panzer grey with minimal markings and a lighter grey highlight with a very pale tan 'dust' finish. If I had one criticism, it would be that the turrets are a bit flat, but otherwise they look the part.

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