Saturday, 1 June 2019

Blasthof Bridge

Tim was keen to get some more of his 54mm toys out for a proper battle, so he put on this game based on one of the scenarios in Brigadier Youngs 'Charge', entitled Blasthof Bridge. The wicked Elector was defying the Emperor in some nameless cockpit in central Europe, and set off the deny the river crossing at Blasthof. The Emperor despatched a force to forestall them.

John and I took the Imperials, Tim C and Richard the wicked Elector while Tim G adjudicated.

Blasthof Bridge in the centre of the table. Luckily the river was fordable for infantry and cavalry along much of is length.

Imperial forces. Two infantry regiments, a Cuirassier Regiment and and artillery battery.

The rebellious Elector. Two infantry regiments, a Dragoon Regiment and and artillery battery.

Our chaps set off smartly for the bridge, cavalry in the lead

The wicked electors troops stumbled raggedly forward.

Their dragoons went right flanking.

While our infantry columns plodded on. 

Our cuirassiers approached the bridge.

The Electors artillery unlimbered.

And their infantry shook out into line. Their dragoons decided to swing inside the hill rather than outside, putting all their units on converging tracks...

Our cuirassiers also deployed

As did our gun and infantry.

Oooer, our cavalry seem to be taking on the entire enemy Army.

Shootin' time. Tims trusty Britains 25pdr was deployed once more, but this time loaded with a mighty 'cannon ball'. That will make aiming interesting.

A home made target array was deployed in a box a an appropriate range for the firing weapon and target difficulty. The revised firing system worked extremely well, and was both fun and hilariously random.

First blood to the Elector as their cannon knocked out some cuirassiers.

In turn we managed to shoot up the charging Dragoons. Infantry regiments got one or two shots depending on strength, while the cannons generally got one.

Our mauled cavalry retired. 

But the enemy cavalry charged home.

John demonstrates his firing skill and magnificent tricorne.

The Dragoons were repulsed and fell back behind their infantry.

But the Electors infantry crossed the river. 

More firing took place.

As the infantry squared up in a musketry duel, the cavalry headed for the flanks.

Our brave horsemen splash through the river.

The Imperial commander and his staff supervise events.

The Electors army featured these shifty looking types carrying barrels of gunpowder. Up to no good no doubt.

Our cavalry met in a mighty clash.

And the Dragoons were duly routed. Sadly our cuirassiers pursued them off the table and were never seen again.

The terrible cannonande persisted.

Both sides traded shots until artillery ammunition began to run low.

One of my Regiments conducted a heroic charge, but were thrown back.

Over on the right my infantry were forced back by withering musketry and cannon fire.

The Electors demolition team very wisely hid behind the house as all this shooting was going on.

In the end, both sides were fought to exhaustion and we called an honourable draw. The Imperials were not in control of the bride, but the Elector had failed to blow it up.

That was lots of fun and very visually appealing. Tim has succeeded in replacing all the dice throws in Funny Little wars with physical mechanisms and it works very well. He has also reported on this game already at


  1. It was a good game. I hadn’t realised you had so many photos! We must do another one soon.

    1. There is something very attractive about the 54mm figures, so yes, I do take a fair few photos. (and attempt to assemble them inot some sort of narrative).

      Yes, it was a lot of fun.