Thursday, 28 November 2019

Roco Radio Truck conversion

Well, after the popularity of my Roco Dodge Radio Truck post, here is another one. Another truck I picked up at COW was a half converted crane lorry on a US chassis. The crane had been removed and a crude tarp made out of cardboard put around the truck bed. I toyed with converting it back to a crane again but in the end went with a larger radio/command truck.

I added a couple of radio antenna from brass and added some raised ventilation slits.

The cab and radiator are nicely detailed.

On this side I added a door, and filled in the rest of the back with some plasticard as well as adding more slits (they all help give it a bit more depth when drybrushed).

This got an overall OD paint job, with a brown inkwash over the cab and a pinwash around the raised bits on the rear as I didn't want to stain the vast expanses of flat surfaces. A drybrush tied it all together nicely and I'm pleased with how it came out.

I later discovered it is too tall to fit into my standard slimline A4 boxfiles without bending the aerials. Oh well, into the box with the King Tigers it went.