Saturday, 2 January 2021

2020, thank goodness that is over

 Well, that was an interesting year and hopefully not one to be repeated again in my lifetime. I shan't overly dwell on the shortcomings of our leaders in these difficult times, but I'm hoping there is a special place in hell reserved for both the bumbling incompetents and the corrupt disaster merchants shovelling our cash into their mates pockets.

Helping to transition the entire organisation and all its customers into a remote working environment while also figuring out how to operate our teams and maintain our services remotely has also been quite an interesting experience, not helped by the rather more challenging security environment.

Among all the chaos and confusion, wargaming has remained a delight however, and a particular shout out to the stalwarts of Sheffield Wargames Society and Wargames Developments who have helped make this year more bearable. We've managed to run regular on-line games since March and have actually become quite proficient at it. A real highlight of the year was the Virtual Conference of Wargamers back in the summer, and I'm looking forward to the winter VCOW in February.

I've also managed to make a big dent in the lead pile and have done my best to keep at least some figure manufacturers in business, and I've enjoyed the challenge of designing and running games suitable for an on-line environment.

So now it is just heads down until the vaccine is rolled out and hopefully a return to greater normality later in the year. 

Happy New Year everyone!

Just a reminder of a few great games.

Arras 1940

Nachod 1866

Kasserine Pass, 1943

Bir el Gubi, 1941

Operation Goodwood, 1944


  1. Thanks very much for your posts this year. Stealing all these scenarios for operational-level WW2 battles is definitely on my own 'to-do' list.

    1. Thanks, I've been trying to keep on top of doing regular posts. I seem to have run out of modelling projects though, too much spent playing time sink computer games. It is a it sad when a fictional post apocalyptic wasteland is preferable to real life!

  2. Here is hoping that next year is better. Still the gaming we've had online has been very good all things considered.



    1. Yes, I've really enjoyed our gaming sessions. Nice to have some video calls which aren't work related!