Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Current activities

Played a few games over Christmas and the New Year, notably AK47 and an outing of Tim Gows 'NATO Brigade Commander'. I got to practice my Russian assault tactics once more and crushed the feeble capitalists. We've also played an Operation Bagration mini-campaign using my eastern front variant of Norman MacKenzies excellent KISS Rommel.

I've also been enthused to start painting my Falklands era 15mm Brits (a mix of MJ and QRF) plus assorted support vehicles. They are partly with an eye to Falklands gaming, but also to add to my AK47 collection where they can provide support for my Nigerians. Doing DPM in 15mm has been a bit of a challenge, but I used a technique suggested by John Armatys:

  1. undercoat black
  2. heavy drybrush of tan/sand
  3. paint reddish brown swirls
  4. top off with green swirls
The advantage of doing the green last is that you can control the overall tone, and although the overall effect is exaggerated, it isn't bad.

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