Friday 30 January 2009

Loose threads

Not done much gaming activity since finishing the Brits. I've still got to find storage space for them, but I'll maybe do that tomorrow. Went to the club on Wednesday and had a chat and a look around what other people were doing but didn't play anything. Spent some time with people playing a large game of Grand Armee, which has always looked like an interesting game system although a bit fiddly for my tastes.

I've sorted out all the stuff for the Hochwald game next week, just need to check it this weekend and maybe re-read the rules to remind me how Megablitz works. I also discovered in my bag yet another set of Sudan rules I must have been working on before Christmas, Redcoats and Rifles. I'll maybe have a look at those and see if I can work up a scenario. I've been toying with buying some desert Hexon boards, although I suppose I could always use my trusty old gridded brown cloth for now.

Not sure what to do next for painting, I've got 30 odd 15mm Argentinians (MJ), but Tim Gow says he has a bunch of Vietnam era US troops we could use for battalion level Falklands gaming. I've got some new battalion/brigade rules (Hex 300 by Ian Drury) I'd like to try out, and Goose Green is easy enough to do as a game. Probably not much point painting my figs up just for that. Otherwise I've got some odds and ends left from last year, mainly 20mm German stuff either bought at Triples or Partisan or inherited from another gamers game clearout. I've got enough stuff for another Infantry Division and some more Corps level assets. Might be fun, alternatively I could get on with rebasing my 6mm US and British stuff or finally finish rebasing my 6mm Rumanians. Rebasing is never very attractive though. I had a look at some of the new QRF modern Brits though, very nice figs. I'll have to work up an order for Triples and then it is Helmand here we come. So, I can't decide, have to see what the weekend brings.

When I've finished Ian M. Banks 'Matter', it is on to Glantz's 'From the Don to the Dneipr', so I expect I'll end up doing more mid-war Russians and Germans instead....

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  1. I thought that is was about time someone made a comment about your ramblings!

    Personally, if I was you I would bit the bullet and buy some desert Hexon II hexes. I did so recently, and they are great. I already had the desert transitional hexes, and a mixture of the two will enable you to produce almost any desert-type environment. The onl additional cost was buying the extra hills because I wanted some desert ones as well ... but then I always had more money that sense!