Saturday, 24 January 2009

More game planning

Had a good session at the club on Wednesday. Both sides for the upcoming Hochwald game got their briefings and we spent an hour or so on planning. I think the casting will work OK, a pair of competent players, one of whom has a keen interest in logistics running the Canadians, and for the Germans two very experienced players, but one rather tired who will be ideal to run the shattered and exhausted 116th Panzer Div.

Time is so limited on a Wednesday that having time to think about the games beforehand can be very handy.

I'll maybe have another look at the terrain setup today at home, and take some pics to aid seting the thing up. It is such a tiny battlefield that the placement of each piece is vital. Must remember my camera for the game. I want to write this up for the Megablitz website.

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