Saturday, 24 January 2009

Spot of painting

Fairly quiet couple of days, although I did a bit more work on my Falklands Brits last night. Painting up some vehicles including a Scorpion and a Scimitar (QRF, very nice they are too). Had a look at Chris Foss's AFV recognition guide for some ideas about camo schemes and I probably went a bit light on the black, it is supposed to cover 30% of the area of the vehicle.

I did my usual technique:

  • black undercoat
  • heavy drybrush of the base colour (Humbrol Army Green)
  • inkwash all over (does some shading and stains the colour down a bit)
  • lighter drybrush of the base colour (to raise the highlights)
  • apply camo (black in this case)
  • heavy mud drybrush around the running gear and lower hull
  • very light drybrush all over of white. This catches the highlights and makes them look dusty
I need to think about the tracks (I usually do the tracks and tyres after), I usually do them a rusty mud colour with silver highlights, but as these have so much rubber in them, I might do them black.

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