Sunday, 3 November 2013

Across the Canal Part 2

For this one Tim and Jerry took the Soviets and John the British. It was played as per usual with my 2mm toys on Kallistra hexon terrain. The buildings are spare Command and Colours blocks, which work quite well with the 2mm vehicles.

Warpac forces assemble, view from the SE

Tank regiment behind the ridge, BMP regiment along the road.

BMP battalions move up to the river while the regimental tank battalion, AT company and two SP artillery battalions move up in support.

Heimatschutzen covering one crossing are hit by artillery and their morale breaks. The BMP battalion has discovered the bridge is passable by foot troops.

Braunchsweig burns as Sov recce engages more Heimatschutzen, again inflicting losses and a morale failure.

A British Combat Team motors on to support the platoon of Luchs in the central woods, and is attacked by SU-17s.

The attack inflicts no losses but John is appallingly unlucky on the morale check.

Two BMP battalions swim the canal and a dismounted company cautiously crosses by foot. Tanks and artillery move up in support and engineers prepare to repair the bridge.

Two T-64 battalions move up the Autobahn.

Harriers conduct an airstrike on the newly completed bridge. The blast makes the camera shake, but unfortunately misses.

BMP units supported by a helicopter landed VDV battalion secure the secondary road west as refugees continue to flee down it.

Soviet units mass at the crossings as NATO heavy artillery opens fire directed by the Bundeswehr.

The first Combat Team reorganises in the woods, while the second is delayed by refugee columns.

The Chieftans and FV432s eventually negotiate the crowded roads and are immediately attacked by SU-17s.

And Hinds, with predictable results. Some Chieftans are knocked out and the British morale fails.

Warpac forces along the canal also take some losses and the morale of the T-62 battalion fails, however the Luchs platoon is also destroyed.

T-64 battalions cross the river and BMPs push north.

Another Airstrike inflicts more losses and breaks the balanced Combat Team.

They duly withdraw off the table.

The last balanced team from divisional reserve attempts to counterattack behind artillery fire but again, has appalling luck and  suffers a morale failure.

With that, the Soviets have secured their route west with most of the tank regiment over the canal and ready to motor on towards Hanover.

And the rest of the division following up, with engineers preparing more crossings.

So, not NATOs finest day. TF Hotel was just too little, too late and paid the price for the concentration of effort against 10th GTD further north. In this instance the local Soviet air superiority proved to be decisive.

3rd Shock Army is now over the canal and into the good tank country of the plain east of Hanover. TF Hotel has however hardly suffered any losses and 4th Armoured Div is still in a good shape to conduct its mission of aggressive delay while the rest of BAOR moves into position. Bundeswehr units  have also put in their first appearance, and they aren't going to be very keen on Warpac units running around all over West Germany.  What will the afternoon bring?


  1. Once you've finished the balanced and objective report I'll post the truth according to TASS.....

  2. Well, that IS the balanced and objective report, so I look forward to what TASS has to say.

    It was a model assault river crossing which will no doubt be featured in Frunze Academy textbooks for years to come.

  3. Beautiful set-up Martin. Don't the blocks work great for buildings. Great advertisement for 2mm :)Z

  4. Thanks War Panda, the hexon terrain always looks great and I was pleased with the way the wood blocks worked as buildings.