Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Battlefront Marders

I have always been rather fond of the various incarnations of Marder and found myself 'needing' some for the Skirmish Campaigns 'Red Guards at Kursk' scenarios. I picked these up at Triples a couple of years ago, heavily discounted on the Caliver Books stand so they weren't quite the normal ridiculous BF price.

The two of them in their Mardery glory. They both went together well although the gun assemblies took a fair bit of work.

From the front the typical BF scale vertical distortion is very obvious.

The look fine from the side though, plus lots of rivets and hard lines to pick up the drybrushing.

They also look very good from this angle. While I may moan about the prices, at least BF include crew figures, which you need really for open topped AFVs.
A couple of very serviceable  models, although they have yet to fire a shot in anger. They were just finished in dunklegelb and olive green with a dark brown inkwash, a very light drybrush of pure white to pick up the highlights and a liberal daubing of mud around the running gear.


  1. Brilliant looking Marders. While I am more of a Modern Warfare modellers and fan, these guys look beautiful Martin. Did you make your own bases?

  2. Thank you. Yes, the bases are just artists mounting board covered in builders sand with clumps of static grass and edged with black marker pen to frame them. They have a small square of magnetic strip on the rear base edge which is useful for markers etc.

  3. Beautiful Marders, very nice paintjob and basing!

  4. Thank you Phil, they were good fun to paint even though open topped vehicles are always a bit of a pain as you have to do the insides as well.