Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Airfix conversions: Opel radio truck

Time for another Airfix conversion, this one is an Opel Radio Truck, based on the Airfix chassis. A pretty simple conversion as it goes, but I needed a command staff truck for my Megablitz Germans corps assets. I already have the Roco version which served as a useful sanity check, but the plans came from one of my numerous and rather elderly Bellona prints. Some of the features are a little exaggerated but it came out OK I think. In the main it was constructed from 30 thou plasticard with 10 thou used for the doors etc. and odd bits of sprue for the door handles, roof vents etc.

The finished article. I was pleased with the curvature of the roof, as well as the ridge and vents.

The window recesses were a pig to cut through the plasticard. Door handles made from sprue.

Another window recess at the back. I was glad of the right hand side flaps.
I left it fairly plain with just the number plates marked and a generic mid/late war sand/brown/green camo scheme with a light bit of weathering. The filled in windows are painted using my more recent approach of blue with a white highlight.