Sunday, 24 November 2013

The end of President Fred

Many apologies for the recent break in service, real life intervened fairly forcefully when my father was taken seriously ill, however thanks to the surgical team at Harefield  Hospital he is on the road to recovery and I can start mucking around with toy soldiers again.

This was a recent-ish outing put on by Tim to our ongoing vaguely AK47 inspired campaign in and around the fictional country of Ph'Tang. My chaps were (once again) encouraging the historical dialectic by bringing the full benefits of socialism to Ph'Tang, groaning under the oppressive rule of the seemingly immortal President Fred. Our Cuban pals cam along for the ride, impressively tooled up with kit, which always helps.

The battlefield from the east, Cuban backed LADA forces in the foreground.

LADA in close-up.

President Freds armoured column in the distance as a train approaches the town.

Various items of wildlife were scattered around, which have added a degree of chaos in previous games.

My brave chaps with their motley assortment of technicals.

Freds armoured column goes for a drive in the Jungle.

Whilst I take some of my best troops and go to check out what is happening at the airfield. That film crew looks interesting..

The leading Saladin is 'inconvenienced' by the attentions of an amorous Hippo.

LADA lines up to take advantage of the chaos.

Meanwhile we occupy the airfield and try to sneak into the town.

Colonel D'eath moves up to provide aid to the President.

LADA scores a hit.

Colonel D'eath stages a bogus assassination attempt and 'rescues' Roger Mellie and the TV team. My chaps blaze away fruitlessly.

LADA advances into the jungle.

Freds bodyguard bunch up on the hill, making an excellent target for the BM-21.

A T-55 finally puts an end to President Freds blood soaked rule.
So, after ten years (is it really that long?), President Fred bites the dust, or at least we think so. The resulting power vacuum is going to be very interesting, and I suspect peace is still a long way off for the long suffering citizens of Ph'Tang.

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  1. Just so you are aware, but I reverse engineered your "Mexicanski 36“, renamed it, and then altered the rules because AT rifles were at thing at the time, and the "Medium Tanks" had very little armor at all.

    If you want me to send you the PDF via email, let me know at