Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Syborg CMP Fuel Tanker

My final Syborg purchase from Partisan was a CMP C60L fuel tanker. I don't have any fuel tankers at all in 15mm so this was going to be a useful addition.

Here it is chugging along hoping to refuel some tanks. Obviously I could just use a normal truck and pretend there are fuel cans in the back, but this is a bit more explicit.

This one was a decent print with a minor bit of ridging on the cab, but quite a bit on the fuel tank itself. The cab was easily sorted out with a bit of filing and some PVA, and the ridges on the tank aren't too noticeable due to the fuel pipes, hatches etc. 

The detail on the fuel tank is nicely done and reminds me of the vehicles in the old Airfix RAF refuelling set.

I wanted to keep it as generic as possible so I just did in in plain khaki green using Vallejo Russian Uniform with a wash of dilute Bronze Green. At a pinch it can do for any Allied or Russian army. Otherwise just the wheels, windows and a bit of dust to top it off.


  1. That looks great. Some army or other will appreciate the POL support.



    1. Well, I hope so. I need to do another operational game at some point to justify putting it on the table.