Saturday, 7 June 2014

Clearing the flanks

Once more I have recently returned to 'Memoir 45', my attempt to put a bit more meat on the basic Memoir 44 system. Essentially it bolts on lots of the rules from the supplements and adds some tweaks from other variants like Memoir 80, the mian aim being to produce similar depth to the later Command and Colours game. I also recently bought the first Memoir 44 campaign scenario book which is linked scenario campaigns covering Normandy, the Battle of France and Barbarossa. As a trial for Memoir 45, I am working though the Normandy campaign, which starts with one of my favourite battles, Operation Epsom. The outcome of each battle affects (to a greater or lesser extent) the next, and in some scenarios, specific objective flags affect the scenario setup in the next game.

The first scenario in this campaign is 49th Divs attempts to clear the flanks of Epsom, and in particular, the high ground around Rauray. Opposition comes from elements of 12th SS Panzer Div and Panzer Lehr.

Mark and I took the British, Kayte and John the Germans. All photos from the British side.

British centre and left. Rauray is visible on the German baseline to left, flanked by artillery and Panthers and Panzergrenadiers from KG Wunsche.

British right, Pz IVs and Stugs from Panzer Lehr in the distance.

First blood to the British, 8th Armoured Brigade handles KG Wunsche roughly, destroying the Panthers.

On the right Panzer Lehr counterattacks the advancing British infantry.

The panzers press on. John was hideously unlucky at the point and the Pz IVs were destroyed in close combat by the infantry.

Over on the left, 8th Armoured Brigade exploit their success and damage or destroy the German infantry covering Rauray.

On the right the British infantry press on.

Despite flanking fire from the German mortars in the centre, the Allies clinch a victory.

Much to everyones surprise, this game ended rather abruptly as the requisite casualty total was reached in no time, partly as both sides were so aggressive with their armour. The British were clearly ahead on points (five to one) which carry over for the duration of the campaign, but had failed to capture the high ground at Rauray, leaving the German artillery positions intact for the next battle. I was a little disheartened that despite the tweaks, the game seemed as random and bloody as ever and took considerably longer to set up than to play. Oh well, onto the next one to see what happens.

For anyone wishing to try these out, I've added Memoir 45 to the downloads page. You'll need a copy of Memoir 44 to play, and the style is somewhat terse as it is intended as an aide memoire.


  1. Great looking game, an interesting system!

  2. Thanks, I quite like the 'toy tank' look of the bigger models on the hexon terrain. The 6mm and 2mm stuff all looks a bit too serious!