Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Peter Pig Panther G

More old clunkers, this time my 15mm Peter Pig late model Panthers. Like the Tigers, these have seen a surprising amount of action in various games, but they were originally bought to provide the Panther component for the Battle of Brieux (sometimes known as Grimbosq, one of the various Orne crossing operations in Normandy).

Again, like the Tigers, these are nice crisp castings, capture the heft of the original and are very heavy models!

Three Panthers advance across the dining table.

'Guns like telegraph poles' as Heinz Altmann described them. You can see the chin under mantlet.

Side view of a version with zimmeritt and some moulded on externals including camo net on the barrel.

Side rear view, nice detail on the engine deck. The commanders are from the same pack of Peter Pig German tank commanders as the one in the Tigers. 
Like the Tigers, these are also fairly hefty models but nicely capture the look of the original. Finished in standard late war three colour camo and fairly light on markings.

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