Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Like everyone else in the blogosphere recently I seem to have acquired some PSC 15mm IS-IIs. These did turn up fairly frequently in battles from 1944 onwards, so I expect them see a considerable amount of action, and I already have some scenarios which feature them.

I picked these up at Triples, and only built four as that is all I need for a Regiment at one base to 5/6 vehicles. The fifth I may have a go at converting into an ISU-122 to join one I already have.

The finished regiment advances over the dining table.
Nice simple models to assemble, the one piece tracks are great. I built them all as IS-IIm, and I expect the spare guns will come in handy for something.

Nice view of the tracks from the side.

Good detailing on the engine deck.

Yes, the turrets turn.
I just finished all these in plain Russian Green and avoided the popular air recognition markings as the real life ones were quite well marked anyway. All the markings are taken from examples in the Concord book 'Stalins Heavy Tanks' and I deliberately made each vehicle different both in terms of markings and combinations of exposed crew and turret MGs so they could be distinguished for game purposes.

I experimented with a new technique for painting the tracks on these, doing the tracks metal all over, then a heavy application of mud, a brown inkwash and highlighted metal again. It is a bit more subtle than my earlier approach of highlighted rust brown but hard to see on these models.

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  1. Great approach on the painting technique for the tanks. Overall, I really like the entire paintjob on the PSC IS-IIs. Fantastic model!

    Looks like an awesome project to begin with! Looking to also see more modern miniatures from you, Jon!

    Speaking of which, I have awarded you the latest edition of the Liebster Blog Award. Please feel free to just accept it and not go through the trouble of answering the questions and nominating other blogs. I am cool with that.

    But if you are interested in spreading the love and support for new blogs, you can see the rules and questions in the blog link below in which I have mentioned my nomination for your blog.