Wednesday 4 June 2014

Peter Pig Tiger 1

Some more venerable metal vehicles from the turn of the century. Everyone has to have a few Tigers, and these two have seen a surprising amount of action over the years, probably due to my obsession with the British in Normandy. They are very nice castings, but are thick pieces of metal so quite heavy.

Two Tigers rumbling over the dining table.

Really very imposing from the front. The crisp castings pick up a brown inkwash very well.

These are modelled with a missing front exterior roadwheel, a not uncommon configuration.

This one is modelled with more clutter on it, track links, unditching beam, spare wheels etc. The engine deck gratings are nice and deep so actually look like holes.

The same model from the side, missing trackgruards and applique turret armour.
Nice little models, they look and feel like Tigers. Most recently they have been out in the various 'Operation Epsom' scenarios from the Skirmish Campaigns book as well as various Memoir 44/45 as 'elite' tanks.

Finishes in standard dunkelgelb/borwn/green camo with minimal markings. The TC is from the Peter Pig tank commanders pack, moulded with legs on which need cutting off.


  1. Lovely work. I have five of these Tigers as well, they sculpts are excellent with all the stowage and all.

  2. Thank you. The cast on stowage works really well I think (and I know you are a stowage fan!).