Sunday, 11 March 2018

Operation Uranus

Bob Cordery has very kindly published my ancient old rules 'Operation Uranus' on his blog. They are very, very simple WW2 operational rules aimed at set piece Corps level battles, and based on Ian Drurys 'Sands of New Stanhall' WW2 island clearing game.

I think I wrote these back in 2002, and they formed the basis for my late Cambrai game (with 11 divisions in action!).

Report here: Operation Uranus The article was originally published in the Wargames Developments Journal 'The Nugget'.


  1. Hi Martin -
    I enjoyed your account of Uranus and Bobs description of the Pacific War island clearance. I like the concept. I had in mind similar style of OOB some years ago, but didn't think it would work. Clearly I was way mistaken there!

  2. Excellent news.



  3. I thin if I was doing it again I'd got with dice scores rather than buckets of dice e.g. instead of dug in defenders with wire getting 3D6 needing 6 to hit on each, I'd go with 1D6 needing 4+.

    Effectively each battalion is a strength point.

    This sort of approach is used in the much more modern rules 'KISS Rommel' and 'Hurrah Stalino' (both highly recommended).