Monday, 17 December 2018 so many..

After last times successful outing (see here), we had another go with the Pz8 air combat rules, but this time with bigger hexes and more German bombers!

Tim and I were typecast as snarling Nazi Luftwaffe types, joined by Dave commanding one of the Bf 109 sections. The Few were represented by Graham and Jerry (in his fathers RAF hat).

We had Dorniers instead of He 111s this time. Big old planes, it was a good job we were using the bigger hexes. Tim was playing the bombers. He was very excited to discover they had a forward firing MG as well as rear guns.

As before we had a finger four of Bf 109s. Dave and I had two fighters each.

The RAF had a section of Hurricanes.

And also one of Spitfires.

This time we had an actual target to bomb. This rather pretty village of Johns. We were aiming for the large war factory with the chimney.

Off we went, Dorners up the left flank with a screen of Bf 109s in front

The RAF opted to send in the Hurricanes head on while the Spitfires went high out on the the left.

The enemy converged on the flight path of the Dorniers. Dave moved to intercept them.

The Spitfires were too high for me, so I waited for them to reduce altitude and then turn in on their tails.

Meanwhile the Dorniers ploughed on.

While I chased off the Spitfires, the Hurricanes managed to take out the lead Dornier. Oops. Goering isn't going to like that. We did take out one Spitfire in exchange.

The other two Dorniers got through OK and dropped to low altitude for their bomb run.

Both managed to hit the target. That will show Churchill.

The Dorniers headed for home and the pursuing RAF managed to damage one.  We downed two more Hurricanes in exchange and the RAF broke off the action.

That went a lot better than last time as we'd all got the hang of 'flying' a bit more. The bigger hexes really helped with the various markers and avoiding excessive clutter. The only downside was that it took two boxes of Hexon to produce a reasonable sized playing area.

Dave noted it was different to the air rules they usually play in that it is fairly easy to get into a firing position, but hard to actually score effective hits. At least the players get to shoot at stuff fairly frequently. We all agreed it was a success and are looking forward to the next outing, possibly to the Pacific.


  1. That looks a fun game. John's village is very nice- do you know if it scratchbuilt or not?



  2. The buildings are Irregular 2mm. And Hexon is definitely the way to go with these games.

    1. Ah, I didn't realise they were Irregular. I knew they were metal.

      Agreed, the hexon works very well for these. No planes crashing into each other as they did with the smaller hexes.

  3. Interesting
    I am getting drawn to Blood Red Skies but this looks an interesting alternative

  4. Well, once you have the models you can use them with any old set rules. Depends how much detail you like in your air rules. These aren't bad, and are good enough for a club night multiplayer game.