Wednesday, 22 June 2022

6mm Boats

 I fair few of my games seem to feature rivers of various shapes and sizes, so along with the tents I bought a few boats as I thought they might be useful. 

Irregular do a selection of boats in their 6mm accessories range. tbh I'm not sure why I didn't get some years ago. I got two packs as they have slightly eccentric contents.

First up are this delightful pair of rafts. Ideal for cable ferries, or improvised Soviet river crossing equipment in WW2. Yes, the bases are blue, because everyone knows water is blue (my river sections certainly are). 

Some bigger wooden boats with rounded sterns. I seem to have got an extra one for free in the pack, which is very generous. These are nice deep mouldings and packed with character.

A pair of smaller boats with flat sterns. I did all the boats in a range of browns with an ink wash and a drybrush to finish.

The packs also include these upturned boats. I guess they are meant to be terrain items on the shoreline
 although I suppose you could use them as upturned boats in the water to show some sort of nautical disaster. Might be useful for marking river crossing points or something.

Here is a little flotilla sailing up one of my Hexon rivers.

And a busy river crossing scene, with some boats drawn up on the banks. 

Like the tents, they were  nice and cheap and I'm sure they will be very useful in a range of periods. I wish I'd had them for the Nijmegen Crossing game. The only reservation is that maybe they are a bit big for some of my terrain setups and perhaps I should have looked at 2mm boats instead. I could probably do with some modern assault boats and landing craft too. Oh well, that is a project for another day. In the meantime I've got a couple of ideas for these boats already.


  1. Those look great.

    Useful little bits.



    1. Thanks Pete. I expect they will be making an appearance every time there is a river from now on!