Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Zvezda 1/144th Ju87

At the last club bring and buy, along with my super cheap M10s, were a couple of Zvezda planes, including this rather smart 1/144th scale Stuka.

I really like Zvezda kits, and this one went together nice and easily. Unlike the IL-2, there are no obviously flimsy bits to snap off on this one. 

Again, I borrowed Tims method of overpainting the cockpit. The canopy struts were a bit of a pain to paint though. This overall dark camo green scheme is actually from a 1944 tank buster, but it looks suitably sinister. I livened it up with a yellow band and a white spinner. I couldn't quite face painting the red spiral on the spinner though. 

Underside in pale blue with yellow wingtip markings. It has a satisfyingly big bomb hung off the bottom.  I didn't bother with underwing decals.

Here it is off to drop bombs on someone.

That is a lovely little model, highly recommended. Tim very kindly donated me a matching one, so now I have two, almost a whole squadron!