Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Peter Pig German WW2 Cavalry

I have been slowly building up an essential force for any WW2 German player, cavalry! While the Heer only had a single cavalry division, later converted to panzers, cavalry were omnipresent in divisional and regimental recce units and the SS also had a bit of a thing about cavalry brigades and divisions.

Here they are so far. Enough for a Megablitz cavalry division, and a number of squadrons for less meglomaniac rules systems.

I used a mixture of the carbine armed and cavalry command figures to get a reasonable mix of poses. They are all nice clean castings, and joy of joys, the riders are moulded onto the horses. I wish more manufacturers would do this for wargames quality pieces.

They have a decent range of horse and personal equipment, which all paints up nicely. Like most of my WW1 cavalry, I did most of them based in pairs, but also did some single based figures.

The command pack includes officers in both crusher caps and helmets. Ideal for command stands. 

I did a handful of single based figures, they are really useful for recce stands or to use as mounted command stands. 

So a bunch of lovely little figures, really easy to paint and useful for lots of things. I generally don't like painting horses, give me a tank any day, but I've settled on a reasonably fast method over the years. A base  coat in some sort of brown (GW Bestial Brown is ideal), I try to use a mixture of three shades. Pick out the manes and tails in either black or dark brown (depending on the shade of the horse), then give the whole thing a heavy dark brown inkwash. That runs into the crevices and gives the horse a bit of sheen. Finally a light drybrush will pick out the highlights on the mane, tail and tack and then follow it up for odd dobs of white for sock etc which make them look a bit more natural. I used to pick out the tack but ti is rarely worth the bother and wash and drybrush seems to work just as well.


  1. Those are very nice.



    1. Thanks. Although I don't like painting horses, I do like cavalry units, especially anachronistic twentieth century cavalry.

  2. Looking good, Martin, although the Soviets would take issue of your description of cavalry as "anachronistic". :-)

    Regards, Chris

    1. I have lots of Soviet cavalry in various scales. A Cavalry Corps, or even better, a Cavalry Mechanised Group is a thing of beauty.